Safe Deposit Boxes

Your precious belongings and papers are now safe!

You can lease a safe deposit box with a size that meets your need at TurkishBank branches to keep your precious items and papers safe,

We offer three types of safe deposit boxes with different size, depending on the volume, and they are leased yearly.

Small-Sized: 240 TL
Width: 17 cm
Lenght: 38 cm
Height: 12 cm

Medium-Sized: 300 TL
Width: 17 cm
Lenght: 39 cm
Height: 17,5 cm

Large-Sized: 360 TL
Width: 24 cm
Lenght: 46,5 cm
Height: 40 cm

  • We charge a one-off deposit fee of 240 TL for our safe deposit boxes.
  • Please visit our Branches or call our Customer Care Hotline at (212) 373 73 73.
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