Human Resources

TurkishBank Human Resources Department acts as a strategic business partner of the top management, functioning with other departments in a coordinated way towards our targets.

Our Human Resources Management boasts an organization that remains devoted to the principles of justice, transparency and ethics and is competent enough to keep abreast of the most recent practices and policies in its field and to adapt itself to them with a particular highlight on open communication.


Candidates from universities: Candidates from universities are allowed to have a trainee session in our Head Office Departments and Branches except for the Fund Management Office.

Potential trainees are picked up from second and third grades.

Our trainees are provided with a meal ticket to cover their lunch needs for the duration of their trainee days. They can also use our employee shuttle services.

New Graduates: New graduates may take Manager Candidate and/ or Assistant Inspector exams, or to apply for a job for inexperienced staff positions at the Head Office or cash desk (Account Representative) positions at our Branches by keeping an eye on our online ads.

Those applicants who successfully pass the English and general competence exam as well as ensuing interviews are appointed to Manager and/ or Assistant Inspector positions.


Experienced Candidates: Various positions that become vacant at our Head Office and Branch departments in our ever-growing bank are advertised online at “”.


Salary and Payments: Our staff members are paid their salaries on a 12-month basis and these salaries are paid at the end of each month in gross sums. Salary increases are applicable one time a year in April.

Salary increases are based on inflation rate and the staff member’s performance.


Our training courses are shaped up according to career and personal development needs of our employees in line with our Bank’s targets and strategies.

Training sessions cover in-class, on-site and web-based trainings. Some of those training courses are offered by our employees specialised in their own fields in our bank.

Training sessions are organized to help Assistant Inspectors, Assistant Specialists and other inexperienced people adapt themselves to our Bank as they are new recruits; to instill them with our corporate culture and to provide them with the basic banking training. Moreover, our experienced staff first receives orientation training.

Those staff members deployed at positions requiring certifications are given necessary support so that they can get their certifications.

Our staff members who place emphasis on personal development are also supported. In case a staff member elevates his academic level, he is awarded with additional salary.



Candidates whose military service is over are preferred.
You can have access to employment opportunities at the link posted at our web site.Please click here to see our vacant positions.
Those candidates applying for Account Representative (cash desk officer) and Manager/ Assistant Inspector positions are admitted to exams. Exam dates and times are further announced. Candidates who successfully pass those exams are invited to interviews.
If you meet those qualifications set out in “Candidates from Universities” section under the link “Our Vacant Positions”, please submit your request to our Human Resources Department through career sites.
We usually prefer for graduates from Economics and Business Administration faculties or schools. That said, we also recruit candidates from Information Technologies, Public Relations and similar departments in case our such offices are in need of employees.
We also consider candidates who are graduates of high schools when we recruit security people and servants.
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