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Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-20T16:40:06+02:00
How can I learn TurkishBank branch and ATM addresses?2016-08-19T02:53:18+02:00

Please click here to see address details of TurkishBank branches and ATMs.

What is prepaid card? How can I apply for one?2016-08-19T02:52:11+02:00

A Prepaid Card is a debit card which does not carry the cardholder’s name on it and is not linked to any bank account. Its credit line is limited to the credits loaded on it. Nakito, Express and Card Extra are prepaid cards offered by our bank and you can use them all around the world to withdraw cash advances from all ATMs with a MasterCard logo on them or do shopping. All you have to do to have a prepaid card is visit a TurkishBank branch near you together with your identity card, and instantly get your card.

How can I pay my credit card debt?2016-08-19T02:51:30+02:00

You can pay your credit card debt at our Branches, through our Internet banking or by EFT from other banks.

How can I learn branch addresses?2016-08-19T02:50:52+02:00

Please click here to learn address details of our branches.

How can I make a Credit Card application?2019-11-20T16:46:53+02:00

You can visit a TurkishBank branch near you with the photocopy of your identity card, and a salary payroll if you are a waged person, or your most recent tax sign if you are self-employed and the copy of trade registry gazette. If your card application outcome is positive, your credit card will be delivered to your address via courier.

How can I update my address details?2016-08-19T02:49:17+02:00

You can update the changes to your address details by calling our Customer Care Hotline at 0212 373 73 73 if you have a Telephone Branch password, or visit a TurkishBank branch near you.

I have forgotten my card password; what should I do?2016-08-19T02:48:39+02:00

In the event that you forget the password for your CashCard, Credit Card or Prepaid Card that you are using from our Bank, you can immediately create a new password at TurkishBank branch near you or call our Customer Care Hotline at 0212 373 73 73 to request that a new password is sent to your mail address.

What is Turkish Money? How can I use it?2016-08-19T02:47:53+02:00

Each shopping and cash withdrawal that you will do in Turkey and abroad by using primary and additional credit cards will allow you to earn a Turkish Money at a rate of zero point three percent! One Turkish Money is equal to one TL. You can use accumulated Turkish Money to pay your credit card debt Corporate card users are not eligible to Turkish Money feature.

What is cash advance?2016-08-19T02:47:14+02:00

Cash Advance is a type of transaction by which you can withdraw cash from our CashMatik ATMs, or other bank ATMs by using your TurkishBank credit card. Subject to your available credit line, you can instantly meet your cash needs at any time you need by using that credit card. Please click here to learn about cash advance interest rates.

May I get commercial loan from TurkishBank?2016-08-19T02:43:53+02:00

You can apply to TurkishBank branch near you for commercial loan together with your trade registry certificate, your company’s balance sheet, identity card and certificate of residence.

May I get consumer loan from TurkishBank?2016-08-19T02:43:08+02:00

You can apply to TurkishBank branch near you for consumer loan together with your latest income certificate, identity card and certificate of residence.

What kind of services does TurkishBank offers towards young people?2019-11-20T16:46:54+02:00

TurkishBank meets all needs of a young person owing to its NAKITO, a prepaid TurkishBank card. All you have to do is apply to a TurkishBank branch near you with an identity card without any further documentation and you can instantly get your card. In particular, those young people who travel abroad for Work and Travel, Erasmus, Language Education and Interrail may choose any NAKITO card in USD, EUR or GBP so that they can easily withdraw cash sums and do shopping by using their card. For more detailed information please visit www.turkishcards.com.

What kind of services can I receive at TurkishBank?2016-08-19T02:41:46+02:00

At TurkishBank, you can receive all kinds of services in Consumer, Corporate and Commercial Banking areas.

What are TurkishBank’s areas of expertise?2019-11-20T16:46:54+02:00

Having specialized in Commercial, Corporate and Private Banking, TurkishBank offers its services to its clients with 13 branches and expert personnel in Turkey.