Spot Loans

Spot loans in TL are for meeting your short-term financing needs. Its amount and applicable interest rates and term are fixed on the date on which the loan is made available according to market conditions.

It is possible to get loans at low interest rates according to current market conditions to meet the needs of your business.

As in case of spot loans, loan amount, term and interest are set at the time of disbursement and remain fixed until the end of the loan term, this will act as a hedge against the volatility in interest rates in the market.

• You can fulfill short-term financial needs of your company through our Spot Loans.
• The fact that interest rate is fixed at the account opening allows you to manage your cash easily as you know the interest that you will pay at the end of the term in advance.
• It provides for a financing for your short-term cash needs.

Please apply to our nearest TurkisBank branch to obtain detailed information about our product.

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