Liquid Deposit

Do something for yourself today!
Open “Liquid Deposit”, Earn money, Live your life without waiting for the maturity date!

Liquid Deposit which is bearing overnight rate for live your life freely without waiting for the maturity date is for you.

Features of Liquid Deposit
• Irregular maturity options beginning from 32 days
• Daily interest income (*)
• The opportunity of withdrawal and lodgement at any time(**).

How do I open a Liquid Deposit Account?
• Right after you signed “Liquid Deposit Contract’’ and your direction, your account shall be opened and start to earn interest.
• 25.000 TL lower limit shall apply for Personal Customers.

  • Instruction Form
  • Liquid Deposit Contract

You can reach our Customer Care Hotline on (212) 373 73 73 to get support in all questions about Liquid Deposit.

We invite you to our Branches to open an Liquid Deposit account.

Plenty earnings!
(*) Interest rates are determined according to current conditions.
(**) Overnight table rate is applied as retroactively for canceled contracts. If the amount in the account falls below 25.000 TL, the account will be cancelled as automatically.

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