Business Ön Ödemeli Kart

Just load and spend! No more payment deadlines! No more debts! No more interest payments!

Your card is at your hands without the unnecessary requisites such as opening a bank account, submitting an income certificate or waiting for the outcome of your application!

You can have unlimited number of additional cards issued next to your primary prepaid card. This way, your staff at home or abroad or those employees you want to reward may taste the advantages and joys that your primary card has to offer.

Moreover, you can use benefits of the additional card to transfer money to your employees in another town or abroad at very affordable costs.

Please visit our page at the address of to know more about TurkishBank Business Prepaid Cards.

You can get detailed information about TurkishBank Business Prepaid Cards from our Branches or our Customer Care Hotline at (212) 373 73 73.
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