Collect Retirement Payments

Your Retirement Salary Will Be Safe With Us.

If you are retired from SGK, Emekli Sandigi or Bag-Kur; you can collect your retirement salary at Turkish Bank with the help of our fast and friendly service.

For all questions, please call our Customer Care Hotline at (212) 373 73 73.

We expect to see you in our branches soon.

To collect your retirement salary at Turkish Bank;

• After opening your account, you will be asked to sign a DILEKCE and we’ll take care of the rest.
• When your retirement salary is deposited to your Turkish Bank account, we’ll let you know and send your debit card to you.
• And you’ll be enjoying Turkish Bank Pensioner Banking Services after this point.

Along with collecting your retirement salary, you’ll be enjoying many more special advantages, such as:

• You will no be charged for account maintenance fee.
• You’ll be offered competitive interest rates for your term deposits of any amount or any currency.
• You’ll be able to get Turkish Bank credit card for free.
• You’ll be able to send money, buy/sell foreign exchange, pay your credit card debts, send money with a future value date and pay your utility bills.
• You will be able to maintain your valuables in safe with our Economic Safe Deposit service.
• You will have your Overdraft Account ready when you are in need of cash and except for interest, you will not be charged for extras for this account.
• You won’t wait in the line in our branches and will be served first.
• You will be able to call our Customer Support Line from (212) 373 73 73 and your transactions will be completed at your home’s comfort with the help of our real call center staff with real voice.

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