Automatic Bill Payment

Save yourself from the nuisance to keep track of your bills.

You can put a terminal end to the bothersome task of keeping track of your bills and waiting at the queue just by placing an order on TurkishBank branch near you. Your bills will be automatically paid on due dates at the end of each month provided that there are enough funds available in your account.

Moreover, you can ask us to open a Bill Overdraft Account linked to your account with automatic payment feature so that your bills will be paid timely even if the balance in your account is not sufficient to cover them.

You can place automatic payment orders not only for those bills in your name but also those ones issued to your close ones who should be designated and named by you to us.

You can contact our Branches or call Customer Care Hotline at (212) 373 73 73 to get detailed information about automatic bill payments.
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