Eurobond for those who long for earnings in foreign currency in the long term!

Eurobonds are coupon-paying long term bonds issued by governments, corporations or institutions in foreign countries in foreign currencies to raise funds.

You can promptly apply to our Branches if you want to invest your savings in foreign currency with a long-investment term.


• It is sufficient to have a demand deposit account in our Bank to do trading in Eurobonds.

• This is a high-return FX investment instrument. It particularly brings about a high return in a market with low FX and TL deposit interest rates.

• Botton limit to buy Eurobonds is the nominal value of 50.000 USD / 50.000 Euro or their equivalent in our Bank.

• It comes up with a standard “transaction date + 3 business days” value in the secondary market.

• Coupon interests are mostly fixed; however, there are Eurobonds with variable coupon interest rates.

• Although they may be usually issued for long term investments, they may be converted to cash without waiting out the expiry of the term; market conditions applicable on the date of conversion will prevail.

• Physical delivery of Eurobonds which are usually issued to the bearers is not possible.

• Eurobond coupon payments are not subject to withholding tax deduction; however, you are required to declare the income from Eurobonds.

• Any transaction shall be subject to the law of the country in which Eurobonds are sold rather than that of the issuer country.

• Coupon payments will be calculated according to the following formula: Nominal Value * (Annual coupon interest/ Payment frequency).

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