Life and Individual Pension Services

Life Insurances

There are two separate categories under life insurance policies: Protective Products and Accumulated Life Insurances

Protective Products Category comprises those products that offer protection in the event that the insured loses his life or is exposed to an adverse event during his lifetime (for instance, permanent disability). Protective products either offer very little savings or does not offer any savings at all.

Protective products:

Individual Protective Products
Family Protection Plan
Family Full Protection Plan
Professional Protection Plan
Professional Full Protection Plan

Group Protection Products
Group Life Insurance
Severe Healthcare Risks Group Insurance

Under the Accumulated Life Insurances category, savings-oriented products with a minimum term of ten years are included to meet the medium-term savings needs of an individual. This type of product provides for the education of children or the purchase of a car or house. Products in this category rather have a low-protection level.

Accumulated life insurance products  as follows:

Individual Accumulated Life Insurance Products
Insurad Savings Plan
Flexible Protection Plan

Group Accumulated Life Insurance Products
Group Saving Plan

Individual Pension Plan
Individual Pension System is a system that complements the public social security system, and is one of the essential parts in Social Security Reform.

A quotation is issued based on the retirement expectations, average income level, risk profile, priorities and similar needs of the participant who is willing to be admitted to the Individual Pension System.

Moreover, our Individual Pension plans are rather for clients from different income segments, and we offer 83 different group pension plans for groups.

It will be to your interest if you participate in an Individual Pension Plan without losing time to plan your income expectations during your retirement time in advance and to consider tax advantages offered under the plan. As you start to get prepared earlier to make accumulations for your retirement times, your income during those times will proportionally increase.

Please contact our insurance officers at our branches to get more detailed information about distinguished life insurances and individual pension plans offered by our Bank. We will be pleased to offer you the most appropriate life insurance product or individual pension plan that suits you best.

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