The First Account

The First Step to Saving with the First Account!

Our children are our future.
When we were young, we used to save up our pocket money we collected on our birthday, graduation or feasts in our piggy bank…

“The First Account” is a deposit account that helps your kids to grow up with the understanding of saving and allows you to save up for their education, marriage or business.

With “The First Account” to the name of your child, you get not only advantageous interest rates for both TL and foreign currencies but also your kid’s first piggy bank!

• Aimed for children and teenagers between the ages of 0-18.
• There is no requirement for a minimum amount during the account opening.
• You can choose from different account options, such as deposit account or checking account.
• You receive advantageous interest rates.
• There is no charge for account maintenance.
• If you wish, you can receive a CashCard linked to your account.

  • For detailed information, you can visit TurkishBank Branches or call our Customer Support Line at (212) 373 73 73.
  • As your kid grows taller each day, let their savings grow too at TurkishBank.
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