Gold Deposit Account

Let Your Bank be TurkishBank and Your Account Gold!

If You Want to Evaluate Your Savings as Gold, Get a TurkishBank Gold Deposit Account, Save Up Securely!

Turkish Bank Gold Deposit Account, for those who think there’s an opportunity to earn from gold and want to evaluate their savings there…

TurkishBank Gold Deposit Account is a deposit account which lets you get gold in the basis of grams.


• Your money will gain value indexed to gold. There will not be given interest to the Gold Deposit Account.
• Gold purchases and sellings will be made on the basis of 0,01 grams and its multiples.
• Your TurkishBank Gold Deposit Account’s currency will be XAU.
• Gold purchases and selling transactions will be done through TL and USD currencies.
• Gold purchases and selling transactions from the TurkishBank Gold Deposit Account will be paper transactions; physical delivery will not be made.
• Account operating fee will not be charged to your Gold Deposit Account.

With TurkishBank Gold Deposit Account you will get rid of problems such as storage, losing your gold or getting your gold stolen.

All TurkishBank Branches are at your service to open a TurkishBank Gold Account.

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