CashMatik – ATM’s

Enjoy the comfort that comes up with our CashMatiks!

You can get 7/24 uninterrupted service for your banking transactions over our CashMatiks without wasting your time by using our debit cards and credit cards issued to you.

Our CashMatik ATMs allow the use of all TurkishBank debit and credit cards, all debit and credit cards of other national banks, Visa and Master credit cards of foreign banks as well as Visa and Master Maestro, Electron and Cirrus debit cards of foreign banks.

Please click here to see the map to locate CashMatiks near you.


With our CashCards, you can:

– withdraw money;
– withdraw quick money;
– inquire your account balance;
– view a breakdown of the last 10 movements for your Mini Account Statement- Demand Deposit;
– transfer funds as between your accounts or to a third party account;
– pay your credit card debts;
– change your PIN.

With TurkishBank Credit Cards, you can:

– withdraw cash advance;
– view your current credit card account statements details;
– view your limit details;
– change your PIN.

With Debit Cards issued by other local banks (*), you can :

– withdraw money
– withdraw quick money
– inquire balance

With foreign and domestic Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards issued by other foreign and local banks, you can:

– withdraw cash advance.

With Visa and MasterCard Maestro, Electron and Cirrus Debit Cards issued by other foreign banks, you can:

– withdraw cash advance;
– withdraw quick money.

(*) Comissions and fees charged for balance inquiry and cash withdraw by using local debt cards under the Common ATM network are collected by the issuer bank. Said commissions and fees are charged in same amounts at all ATMs other than those of the issuer.

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