Bonds and Bills

Bonds and Bills for those who seek the government guarantee for their returns.

Treasury Bills and State Bonds are government securities issued by Turkish Republic Treasury. Treasury bills are securities with a term less than one year while state bonds are securities with a term longer than one year.

If you wish to have a fixed and safe income by investing your savings at medium or long term basis, please promptly visit our Branches for Treasury Bills and State Bonds.

Our Bonds and Bills transactions are executed through Turkish Yatirim A.S., an affiliate of ours.

Features:• It is sufficient to have a demand deposit account in our Bank to trade Treasury Bills and State Bonds.

• Repayment of the capital and its interest to you is guaranteed by the Treasury on the condition that you hold treasury bills or state bonds until their maturities.

• There is a secondary market for them.

• Treasury bills and state bonds are cash-like instruments and you can place orders with our Branches to sell your Treasury Bills and State Bonds in secondary markets before their maturity dates.

• You can place your requests to trade bills and bonds at our branches between 09:30-12:00 and 13:00-14:00 during the week days.

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