DVariable Liquid Deposit

Don’t fall behind the market, give your back to the wind with Variable Liquid Deposit!

You can switch between TRY, USD, EUR without being tied to a single currency with Variable Liquid Deposit. By this way, you earn overnight interest while taking advantage of market opportunities.

Features of Variable Liquid Deposit
• Irregular maturity options beginning from 32 days
• Over the entire term, possibility of switch between TRY, USD, EUR anytime you want.
• Overnight interest income for TRY, USD and EUR.

How do I open a Variable Liquid Deposit Account?
• Right after you signed Liquid Deposit Contract and your direction, your account shall be opened and start to earn interest.

How will I switch between the currencies after I opened my account?
• After opening Variable Liquid Deposits Account, you can make buying/selling from Bank’s special rate for you between TRY, USD, EUR anytime you want accordance with the instructions you gave and you still earn overnight interest over corresponding currency.

  • You can reach our Customer Care Hotline on (212) 373 73 73 to get support in all questions about Variable Liquid Deposit.
  • We invite you to our Branches to open an Variable Liquid Deposit account.
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